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        Jingang Petty Load  Co., Ltd.

        About Us

        Jingang Petty Load Co., Ltd. Was established and hubei provincial people's government approved the first batch of small loan company, the registered capital of 100 million yuan. Jingang Petty Load Co., Ltd. , introduce advanced international microfinance technology, introduced a new loan business, for the past cannot get loans, are in growth stage of urban and rural individual manage door, micro and small enterprises, agriculture, countryside and farmers get loans to create opportunities.

        Jingang Petty Load Co., Ltd.  And hubei around the state-owned Banks, joint-stock commercial Banks keep widely close cooperation relations; And all the private enterprise of hubei province has a good business contacts, the financing channel is widespread, has the abundant fund chain; In the area of investment has a good social relations and good business reputation. XiaoGanShi jingang small loan co., LTD is willing with all people with lofty ideals to struggle together, to realize each other's common development, to promote social progress together. In business, Jingang Petty Load Co., Ltd. , the company has been adhering to the "honesty, trustworthiness, responsibility, progressive" business philosophy, to provide high quality, safe, efficient and convenient services to help have a certain management foundation, the need to continue to improve profit, expand business merchant and small and medium-sized enterprises, to provide a public and convenient financing ways, the greatest degree to ease the merchant and small and medium-sized enterprise financing difficult problem.

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